Learn what analytics are vital for managing both palliative care networks and value-based palliative care contracts

This webinar outlines the strategies your MAO will need to be successful with VBID's Hospice Benefit Component.

During this session, we discussed:

  1. The key metrics that gauge the success of the VBID program — Deaths on Hospice and Hospice Length of Stay.

  2. The technology you need to develop and manage both the palliative care network and value-based palliative care contracts.

  3. How AI mortality models help you identify which beneficiaries should be offered palliative care or will be eligible for hospice within the next 12, 6, or 3 months.

  4. How you can improve your medical loss ratio and optimize VBID reimbursement and bonuses.

Acclivity Health Helps You Succeed with the Hospice Benefit Option

With the Acclivity platform, your MAO has access to the most comprehensive, multi-level patient data and insights you can trust to lower acute utilization, improve clinical outcomes, and increase patient and provider satisfaction.

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