Acclivity Health recently had the opportunity to present a virtual session at the 2021 MGMA Medical Pathways Conference.

“How Comprehensive Data leads to Enhanced Patient Care and Profitability”

Value-based care is becoming an imperative rather than an option for most primary care practices. Clinicians face extreme pressure to improve patient experience and outcomes with a dwindling amount of face-to-face contact. Practices need to allocate existing resources more efficiently to enhance and maintain the quality of patients’ care and maximize reimbursements and earn bonus payments. 

Having the right technology can minimize the administrative burden by prioritizing and managing patients by disease and urgency.

During the session, we shared how practices can:

  1. Identify techniques to track cost and utilization risk, medication compliance, mortality risk, and psychosocial issues in a patient population.
  2. Describe how to optimize care management by targeting those patients who will receive the maximum benefit from the care management resources you have.
  3. Discuss tactics to increase revenue across your value-based care contracts.

Acclivity supports value-based care

Acclivity Health has a very specific mission to improve the care and outcomes of patients with advanced illnesses. If you serve this patient population, we believe we can help you determine the best solution for your practice and meet your success criteria from your contracts. To learn more or to see a demonstration of our platform, call us at 904 562 1368 or email us at





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