Discover a complete set of digital tools to help your hospice build healthcare networks, improve patient outcomes, promote timely high-quality care, support hospice staff, and ensure agency success. Designed to support your hospice’s day-to-day work, the Acclivity connected care platform gives your hospice access to a 360º view of the entire advanced care patient population in your area.

Download our guide for a step-by-step review of the functions that are helping hospice organizations realize the greatest immediate gains from the Acclivity connected care platform. You’ll learn how to:

  •  Identify Patients for Earlier Referrals
  •  Better Inform Patient Care
  •  Stay Connected with Your Patients
  •  Enhance Your Clinical Workflows
  •  Maintain the Right Care Setting
  •  Increase Revenue for Your Organization

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Acclivity supports value-based care

As hospices are included in value-based care models, such as the Primary Care First, Direct Contracting and Value-Based Insurance Design programs, patient experience and resource utilization will increasingly impact your revenue. You can use the Acclivity platform to gain the clarity you need to succeed with these contracts. Acclivity will continue to respond to any new developments in value-based care for hospices so they can continue to succeed financially.

To see a demonstration of the Acclivity platform and all its capabilities, call us at 904 562 1368, or email info@acclivityhealth.com.

       Download Your Guide

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