Hospice Providers Embrace Predictive Monitoring to Identify Prospective Patients

Hospice providers have increasingly adopted predictive analytic systems to identify patients in need of their services further upstream in their disease trajectory, as well as to demonstrate their value to payers and referral partners, including Medicare Advantage plans. The U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) will begin allowing hospices to participate in Medicare Advantage in 2021 with the value-based insurance design demonstration project.

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After COVID-19, Will Hospices Still Use Telemedicine?

The pandemic forced providers into online care. Will they stay logged in once they can see patients in person?

The coronavirus pandemic has changed nearly every facet of how hospice care is delivered during this time. But when it comes to hospices adopting telehealth in response to the virus, many are wondering if care delivery online will carry into the future. Historically it has been difficult for hospices to establish strong telehealth programs, but now that COVID-19 has forced the issue, what does the path forward look like?

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Choosing the Right Primary Care First Model for Your Hospice

Change is coming for hospices in 2021 as the industry starts to shift towards value-based payment models, including the Primary Care First initiative. As the implementation dates for these programs approach, hospices need to identify the value proposition and revenue potential for each of the models that will fall under the auspices of that program.

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